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Pre-Order of Lean In Malaysia T-Shirt

#LeanInTogether is a movement to encourage all Malaysians to achieve breakthrough together!

Lean In has always been dedicated in helping women achieving their ambitions & to drive to this point further, we have come up with #LeanInTogether collection.

We believe this campaign will allow all Malaysians to come together and breakthrough stereotypes and mental blocks.  It’s vital to have diverse voices in leading the way for better Malaysia, and what better way to rally up this movement than launching it before the year 2020? 

Putting aside our differences, we can create a conducive ecosystem where women are empowered to pursue their ambition through the inclusion of male participation. 

This collection aims to inspire even more Malaysians to educate, enable and empower women in the workplace. So let’s #LeanInTogether and pave the way to empower even more women and men to carving their own path in their career and achieve their ambitions!


Lean In T-shirt-Red
LIU2019 T-Shirt-White
LIU2019 T-Shirt-Black
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