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The Lean In Youth programme in 2018 was designed to educate, enable and empower Malaysian youth to make them workforce ready.  

We created a unique journey for 20 Malaysian Public Universities students, helping them integrate professional and personal growth into an impactful experience. The 5-week accelerator boosted clarity and confidence amongst the students—sharpening their professional choices, honing their skills, and strengthening their network to land a their dream jobs. Their journey was guided and supported by top trainers and industry leaders who serve as professional mentors. 

Over an action-packed 5 weeks, we covered: 

Unlocking your potential to land your dream job 
Meet and be inspired by a fantastic mentor
How to stand out among the rest 

… topped by a graduation day where all students pitched for MYR500 worth of seed funding to fuel their next project(s)!

Post-programme, at least 10 students secured an internship or a permanent job 6 weeks after graduation. Within 6 months, a group of graduates also executed their own one-day Masterclass, designing and organising a workshop for students, by students. The remaining students soon secured their jobs, and 8 remain active volunteers of the Lean In Youth Community

At Lean In Youth, we believe that everyone has the potential to be their best selves—and we provide the open and inclusive platform for that to be expressed.


2019's Lean In Youth core team together with 2018's mentees who are actively volunteering for the programme

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