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Our Lean In Malaysia (“LIM”) inaugural approach in a Mental Health Masterclass in collaboration with Gender Equality & Diversity Committee (“GEDC”) of the Kuala Lumpur Bar and supported by the Australian High Commission was well received and a huge success!


Lean In Malaysia acknowledges the importance of mental health and the severe impact on physical health as there is a correlation between mental health causing chronic diseases. With the competitive work environment today, most working professionals today faces immense pressure and stress at the workplace that has taken a toll on their mental health. Unfortunately, the stigma of mental health has shy people away from confronting their mental health issues.


The mental health masterclass aims to break the stigma about mental health and encourage people to start speaking out about their own mental health. As this wsa a collaboration between LIM and GEDC, majority of the audience are lawyers and it is common to know that the law industry has been one of the most stressful industry.


The masterclass was a half-day programme inclusive of a 1 hour panel discussion with Co-Founder of Naluri, Azran Osman, Managing Partner of Wong & Partners, Andre Gan and Head of Ethics of Axiata Berhad, Eulis binti Rachmatiah and 1.5 hours of workshop by Naluri on dealing with stress, opening up about our own mental healthand responding to people who have speak out about their mental health.

Date: 25th May 2019 (Saturday)

Venue: Kuala Lumpur Bar

Time: 08:30AM – 01:00PM

Mental Health & Wellness Masterclass:

It's Okay To Not Be Okay 

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